Life before your
Shiny Disco Day

Your marketing strategy is out of sync, people are dodging accountability
and you’re left confused and frustrated.

Life after your
Shiny Disco Day

You’re making agile marketing moves to the sound of customers and coin. Your strategy makes sense, the team know where they’re at and you’re getting more from your marketing than ever before. Colleagues applaud you as you walk out of the office after another day of great results. You’re owning it.

How It Works

In your interactive and fun full day session with the Blend team we’ll:

  • ask lots of questions, open up discussion points and get aligned
  • look at past successes and failures you’ve experienced with marketing and reveal the why behind what worked and what didn’t
  • shine a light on the opportunities open to you
  • map out and explain a clearer plan for achieving your objectives

And you shimmy out of the door with:

  • the key findings presented in a practical spreadsheet
  • a Discovery Document outlining your marketing gaps, opportunities and how to put those improvements into action

Let’s D-I-S-C-go

We’ll plan together what expertise, data and resources are going to save you time, headspace and money while making you more sales – all in one unique Blend for your particular business and its goals.

And we won’t leave you hanging. By your side throughout the project and keeping in touch afterwards, we help you track progress so you can be confident of staying on course to hit those numbers, whatever the world throws at you.

Need help plugging gaps in your marketing?

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