The Situation

Middlesbrough Front End 2023 was a tech conference held in Middlesbrough. The aim was to sell 200 tickets to front-end developers from Teesside and the surrounding areas to watch and learn from the fantastic range of speakers they had available.

Upon announcing the event, ticket sales did start to come through. But, that was mainly from the teams current following that had attended their meet-ups over the past few years.
Because of this, a marketing strategy had to be put in place which focused a lot more on why people should attend, including the household names coming to the conference and the takeaways delegates would have.

The Solution

Generating a stronger following via social media and email was key here. This gave Middlesbrough Front End the ability to educate its audience on various subjects relevant to the conference, as well as selling more tickets.

The website content was updated to focus on the key messaging and to draw in micro conversions as well as ticket sales.

Regular content was posted organically through social media (only pages relevant to their audience) and email. They increased the frequency of free meet-up events to reach a potential new audience. They held regular competitions and giveaways in the run-up as well. These were available to existing ticket purchasers, and potential.

The End Result

The event sold out with a few weeks to spare. Something that didn’t seem possible when Middlesbrough Front End initially spoke to Blend about working with them. The event was a huge success and had an average feedback rating of 4.6/5. This certainly bodes well for 2024.

"Working with James and Sarah at Blend was like a dream come true, they took all the hassle out of marketing our event. They took full control of our email and social whilst also optimising our website content and CTAs to increase sales."

Lewis Morris

Event Organiser from Middlesbrough Front End

All of the above meant that we were able to sell the event out with over a week to spare which was incredible and would have been very difficult to achieve without the assistance from Blend.

Along with this they also gave us a blueprint to takeaway and apply to other events, helping to make sure we keep up the momentum they started.

The team from Blend were present on the day at the event to help ensure the day ran smoothly and did an excellent job taking our brand values onboard, making it appear to the audience that they were just part of the team and not an external agency.