The Situation

Diving Direct have been selling diving and snorkelling equipment for over 20 years, with great success. Over the last few years, growth seemed to stagnate with no sign of changing. The owner of the business had to wear many different hats and struggled to manage external suppliers such as digital agencies, software providers and their eCommerce platform.

The Solution

Blend came in, reviewed performance and looked for opportunities for growth. The first step was to procure a new Google Ads agency. We went through a thorough process and decided on an agency. From here, Blend managed the agency on behalf of Diving Direct to ensure they were working towards our key objectives. Because of our extensive experience of working in agencies, we were able to critique any work they carried out.

They also felt it was time to move to a new eCommerce platform. Again, we went through a thorough procurement process based on platform and agency. Upon deciding upon both the platform and agency, we were able to manage this process for the client to ensure all deadlines were met and delivered upon.

We managed their Salesfire platform on their behalf to improve the results they generated. This helped massively with increasing conversion rates and average order value for the business.

The End Result

Diving Direct have had the best year they have had for a long time. Their YoY sales during their peak period were up 67%. This includes an increase in average order value of 25%.

Moving platform has now paved the way for further growth in 2024 and beyond.

"I have known James for a very long time and I have always trusted his judgement. I did wonder why I would need him and an agency. But, the results speak for themselves. I have more time on my hands to operate the business, as well as seeing great growth. I am looking forward to seeing what more Blend can do for Diving Direct”

Chris Denney

Owner and Founder of Diving Direct